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Behin Mobtakeran Idee company, abbreviated as “Behido”, has launched the second generation of web-based products called “Electronic Sales Organization”, To adapt to the global advancement of technology. We can collaborate with various companies in the fields of industrial factories, service companies, trading companies and etc. We review your needs and sales processes and implement the right system for you. Be the BEST with BehOne!


Sales System

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Facilitate traditional sales process to online sales and the possibility of 24 hour sales service A sales process system that allows you to individually control internal and external sales tasks and helps you make the necessary planning to achieve your sales goals. It also creates cooperation between experts and sales managers and other parts of the organization, including financial units and management, which help them keep track of the progress of sales goals. In fact, this system helps us simplify the sales process, product delivery to the customer, marketers control, installation and etc .

After Sales Service & Support System

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Customer Satisfaction with Control and Supervision Approach The after-sales service system guarantees a systematic and cost-effective service to our customers that will help the organization survive in a competitive market. The better service and warranty process will give the customer more confidence. Although high quality and competitive price are the most important factors for successful sales But providing after-sales service encourages the customer to repurchase and introduce you to others.

Commodity Authentication System

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Buyer confidence in real products and respect producer rights Commodity authentication system is used to track and verify commodity authenticity, which is used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, manufacturing, etc. Tracking the authenticity of goods is possible through this web application, it can also inform the approved price of the product, and the location of the nearest branch, repair or after-sales service is also available through this software.

Maintenance System

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Manage device maintenance information The maintenance system has been designed to manage and reduce the costs of repairs, maximize asset value and extend asset life cycles in three areas of optimal performance, cost savings and accident elimination. With this system you can have complete control over information and devices, repair time and data base of events.


Product Tracking System

Facilitate the ordering, purchasing and shipping process This system is for commercial companies. With this system they can easily control the ordering, purchasing and shipping processes at their office. Business owners are keen to discover new ways to grow their business more successfully in today’s business world. In such situation, using of traditional methods of business is one of the factors that impedes their performance. Because of the benefits of the new freight forwarding methods, most shoppers are interested in purchasing businesses that also offer this type of service to their customers. As such as, using commercial and freight forwarding software is very effective in organizing and improving the quality of shipment of products to buyers and then achieving customer satisfaction.

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